Good Grief: Day 9 “Blessed Are Those Who Mourn”

Blessed are Those Who Mourn

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”
           -Matthew 5:4

Mourning is not attractive. None of us wish for mourning to come. We would much rather skip over mourning to get straight to the better times, when our hearts are no longer weighed down by sadness. But if we skip over the process of mourning, we also miss out on receiving the promise. Jesus didn’t say “Blessed are those who have experienced terrible trauma, and maintained their ability to smile and pretend like nothing is really affecting them”. He said “Blessed are those who mourn”. Blessed are you when you finally admit that your heart is broken and you actually allow yourself to experience the pain in its fullness. Blessed are you when you stop pretending and you become vulnerable to others. Blessed are you when you are no longer afraid to admit that you are in the process of painfully wading through the mess of emotions.  If we refuse to see ourselves as we truly are – as ones who are hurting, wounded, disappointed, heartbroken- then we will never be ones who can truly be comforted. You have to admit that you are in a state of mourning, in order to get that comfort. It won’t be easy. It may actually get worse before it gets better. But remember, Jesus sees you and qualifies you in the midst of your broken condition.  Read over this verse and allow yourself to truly mourn. Comfort is coming.

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