Good Grief: Day Five “There Is No Fear In Love”

There is No Fear in Love

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.” –I John 4:18

I consider myself to be a very introspective person. I often take too much responsibility for things that happen and how people act towards me.  But when my life took a shift for the unexpected, I started wondering things about God and I silently grew a root of bitterness on the inside aimed straight at His heart.  Accusatory questions began to rise up like a locust swarm in my head shouting “Why didn’t You stop this?”, “How could You be good and allow this to happen?”.  Looking back, I realize how much the season of the valley exposed my circumstantial view of God. I thought when things were going good, God was super happy with me. The blessings I had received merely reflected my ability to live a life that pleased Him. But when things were falling apart, I came to the conclusion that He was mad, absent, or attempting to punish me because of an offense I had committed. The truth is, sometimes bad things happen and we may never know why. But I do know for sure that tragedy doesn’t come as God’s attempt to punish. He isn’t like that. And if we believe that He is in Heaven keeping tabs on His celestial score card, waiting for the right moment to zap us for our wrongdoings, then we have not allowed His love to truly transform us. Take a moment to lay down your “why?” questions and to let God wrap His arms of love around you. You will see his heart is not to hurt or torment you. Let Him change your mind about what He is like and wash away your fears.


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