Good Grief: Day Seven “No Shadow Of Turning In You”

No Shadow Of Turning In You

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning” –James 1:17

“God isn’t threatened by our questions or our anger, our grief or our perplexed wonderings. I believe that the Spirit welcomes them–in fact, leads among them and in them. We ask because we want to know, because it matters to us, and so I believe it matters to God.”
-Sarah Bessey, “Out of Sorts”

When my life drastically changed, I started to call everything into question. It was as if all the paradigms I had neatly organized on the shelf of my understanding had been rummaged through, disheveled, and left scattered in a heap on the floor. I could no longer pin down my purpose. I really had no idea why God had put me on this earth. I couldn’t remember what I was really good at, because everything that I was good at revolved around a life that no longer existed. And eventually, I began to call into question who God was and what He was like. All the things I could adamantly shout “Amen!” to about God, became “well, I’m not quite sure”. Before you minimize your screen and stop reading because you fear I am embarking on something heretical, hold on and don’t panic. The process of discovering what you really believe is something to be treasured. Not feared. Especially, because God is unafraid of doubts and questions. You will never truly know what you believe until it is challenged. Over the course of this journey, I have asked God many questions (most of which were adamant WHY’S?!) and I have even become bitter and angry towards Him. But as I’ve started to sort through my mess of paradigms, I have discovered that God will never fit inside of a neatly organized box. He has a way of doing things that are totally unexpected, making Himself a mystery that can never be solved. One thing is for sure. He has no shadow of turning. No dark secrets. He may not act in the way we expect Him to, but you can always count on Him to be good. To be for you and not against you. To give good gifts. And to turn things around for your better. Be encouraged today, that although you may be engulfed by a swell of questions and doubts, He is waiting to be found by you. He invites you to come and seek Him out and discover the beauty of His heart towards you.

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